AI-Driven Blog Commenting Starting at $0.004 per Comment.

Let blog comments that bring value.

Fueled By AI

With AI, it is possible to write and submit up to 15,000 comments on websites in a day.

Topically Relevant

Comments always match articles, no matter the topic – from health to pets, sports, food, travel, betting, …

Reports & Tracking

After every order, you get a list of all submitted comments and other important information.

How Elevates the Value of Blog Commenting

It’s impossible to hire a person who would find 1000 blogs daily and then write a topically relevant comment on each one.

But if you find someone like that, do you think they’d be okay with getting paid only $4 for all that work?

Here’s what makes different:

Thousands of new websites are added to the database daily.
No commenting limits, and cost-effective.
AI ensures that every comment is written professionally.
A “know-it-all” that you can rely on.
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Latest Campaign Highlights

See how our latest campaigns performed. Simple insights into big results.

client 1 - cmnt results
Client: J – Niche: Travel

10,000 comments PRO package
(brand new website).

Cost per backlink: $1.72

client 3 - cmnt results
Client: S – Niche: Technology

3,000 comments package.

Cost per backlink: $0.8

client 4 - cmnt results
Client: T – Niche: Health

10,000 comments PRO package.
(brand new website)

Cost per backlink: $1.55

How Does it Work?

1. Pick the Package

Our packages begin at $20 (for 3,000 written and submitted comments) and scale up to $80 (for 20,000 written and submitted comments).

2. Share the Information

We will require from you some basic information, such as; niche, name, email, and your website.

3. Post-purchase

After every order, you will receive a list of websites to which we have submitted the comments, along with the submitted comment texts for your reference.


Essential Package

  • 3.000 written and submitted comments
  • Option to distribute 3.000 comments across 2 of your websites.

Price: $20

or $0.0067 per comment

Pro Package

  • 10.000 written and submitted comments
  • Option to distribute 10.000 comments across 5 of your websites.

Price: $50

or $0.005 per comment

Premium Package

  • 20.000 written and submitted comments
  • Option to distribute 20.000 comments across 10 of your websites.
  • BONUS: Every campaign is automatically added to our system, which tracks approved comments and sends out emails for each one.

Price: $80

or $0.004 per comment

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Our Initial Case Study

Not Every Comment is Approved, and That’s Okay

Blog commenting often lacks clear value from an SEO perspective, not because it’s ineffective but due to challenges in measuring its impact. Some webmasters love seeing and accepting comments, and some don’t.

Moreover, manually performing this task can be very time-consuming.

To address this, we developed the initial MVP named

After conducting private tests on our websites and uncovering significant niche opportunities, here’s what we achieved during the initial validation of our product.

Our Database



Posted Comments


Websites in Our Database


Below, you’ll find a list of niches in our database.

Each consists only of unique articles, with no duplicates.


Available Websites:



Available Websites:


Food & Drink

Available Websites:



Available Websites:



Available Websites:



Available Websites:



Available Websites:


Art & Entertainment

Available Websites:


And many more!

Looking for a specific niche? Let us know!



Ziga and I have been friends and business partners for a while, and I was happy when he asked me if he could use my website when he was validating the idea. Besides getting backlinks and recognition, I was also contacted by one of the website owners, and now we’re discussing a potential partnership.

~ Katie P.

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